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No Ban Golden

It has been a while since I have written an article, mainly due to a hiatus from the game and welcoming another member into our family. All that aside, the back end of last year the Dice Fight team decided to run a "no ban list" golden event, which was well received by the player involved. Here are the team lists: alsodanlowe : DavidC : NefariousBroadcaster : Skyraver : CollectorRob : Current Golden Banned List  Relentless: Basic Action Card Swords of Revealing Light: Basic Action Card Imprisoned: Basic Action Card (Uncanny X-Men) Beholder: Master Abberation (Battle for Faerûn) Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Final Results Seeing these lists I remember a team that I played back in Dice Fight Legacy V, This team nabbed me the top spot back then and was a solid choice, from the available pool at the time, but with no restrictions Collector Rob was able to make some improvements to the team still netting him a 2nd place, But why stop there? I believe there is st
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Pushing Forward

So it's been a while since I have had the chance to sit and write something fresh for you guys. A lot has happened, we finally got D&D and for some WWE, I played in the MODMGE event, rotation was announced, and most of us are sat at home looking for things to occupy our minds well this virus does it's thing. So what better time than to try and lay down some words and ideas, to hopefully take our minds of it for a moment. After playing the MODMGE, I realised I had neglected to add a certain card to my team that would have made my day a lot easier, I then rebuilt the team post rotation announcement looking at how I could move it forward, and took it to Dice Fight with little luck due to poor rolling on the night and a few missed opportunities, nonetheless I still believe this has legs. so lets take a look at the team I took to MODMGE and work up through its development and where it's potentially going. This team turned out to be fairly average I was soft to a l

An Approach to Team Building

Last week after the Dice Fight, in Aftermath, some questions arose about team building so this week I am going to look at team building, as for some it is one of the greatest struggles when it comes to preparing for games. Hopefully many of you will benefit from some of the resources, and points made here on in. I'm going to start with laying out some bullet points. Win Conditions Power Cards Ramp & Churn Fixing Control Cost Synergy Card Stat's Before we dive in a bit deeper, I will start by saying that I normally keep some boxes with a pool of cards I like playing with, and a select number of dice to go with those cards. This not only saves time but these are battle tested cards and are generally the best in their set. This pool is for the most part made up of ccm00007's  Essentials List , I separate these into 3 piles. Modern Golden BAC's Once I know the format I remove any cards that are banned, then I split down further depending on forma

The Great Deceit

Today i'm going to look at blank cards and try to evaluate how good some of theses card actually are. When I started with my research for this article the first card I looked at was this: It says it's a low cost card with good numbers, but just how good are they? Lets find out. To do this I had to refer to a conversation I had with Homash last year, to remember his formula, so lets work through it. First thing to do is take all the attack and defence values and add them together, in this case its 22. we then divide it by 3 making 7.33, we then take all the fielding costs add them together and divide by 3 again and then add the cards cost to that number, so in this case 4. We then take our 7.33 and divide it by our 4 resulting in 1.83, this is our cards average number. According to Homash anything Below 2.00 is below average, so in short Ghost Rider is a low cost die with below average numbers. Being the trooper I am, I repeated this for every blank ever printed, ye

All Hope is Lost

Since the game started the X-Men have been one of the most prevalent and adored affiliations in the game. Currently there are 243 cards that have the affiliation, and none have drawn the attention of players more than the illustrious Hope Summers - Pluripotent Echopraxia. In my opinion this is the most flexible card ever printed as it can copy 240 different cards, its low cost, low fielding, and a max 4 dice count. Lets take a look at some prospects. This is probably one of my favourite cards to copy as it is a very taxing card to play against. Getting this ability for what is effectively half price is bonkers, and if you start combining this with sage Psionic Firewall and other fielding tax cards, then your near sure guaranteed a  rage quit, if not a grumble or two. From my understanding I believe that you get this in the field with hope copying it, you are then able to use both to purchase as many dice with fabricate you can, as they will always come back.This works 

Fixing a Broken Format

Please bear in mind as I write this article that its 100% theoretical. Today I am going to discuss Global Escalation as a format, in short it is a format that has a few issues with it to say the least, so firstly were going to look at Wizkids definition of the format. Global Escalation disallows cards that meet the following criteria: 1) It has made the Finals of one of the following events: * Dice Masters World Championships 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 * Dice Masters US National Championships 2018, 2019 AND it doesn't have a Global Ability 2) Swords of Revealing Light, Relentless, and Cosmic Cube: Energy of the Beyonders are also disallowed, see the announcement here: So as we can see here it came with a banned list already in place, which is fair enough, its a format that wants to weed out the power cards to a certain extent and force you to adapt and conquer, but there is already an issue. Firstly it disallows cards

Dice Report - Dice Fight - Golden Single Energy Type

This weeks event was golden single energy so i'm going to start by breaking down my team, and then I will look at how it played in the event. Also worth bearing in mind is that global's had to use the designated energy type, so no energy fixers, no create food and water. When I see this archetype pop up I know Rare Lantern Ring will see a ban, so I have opted for the next best thing. This cost us one more to purchase than Lantern Ring, and is also limited by an affiliation for our characters, which shouldn't be too much of a hindrance. Cheap character, cheap fielding and the ability is really good with our next card. and if we manage to roll double energy provides some extra damage for Green Lantern's ability. This is our removal hated by everyone not playing it, and easily abused with Gadgeteer on The Question. This is here just for the global, if my opponent bounces my stuff back even better its less they are spending on forwarding there o